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We are heading for the future.

But future is based on our history and its achievements. They define what we were in the past, what we are today and where we will be going. Achievements manifest themselves – in unique masterpieces, expressing the cultural power of a society, revealing its knowledge and emphasizing its vitality and strenght.

During the last millennia, invaluable art treasures in the form of books were created. Manifested as breath-taking artworks, as luxurious treasures, due to their importance.

Now, you can feel and touch the power of the past. And you can share it. As one of the most impressive presents you can provide.

As faithful true-to-the-original reproductions – Fine Art Facsimile Editions, indistinguishable copies of valuable manuscripts, presenting the power of your past. fabco re-creates those masterpieces. Or fabco creates new masterpieces. As precious high-quality artbooks, artworks on their own, as modern ambassadors of heritage, presenting its content in perfect design, giving your message an appropriate stage.

And there is more. We create printed objects in extraordinary shapes, on formidable materials and forms. Your idea is our challenge. Our design and creativity is your solution. Purified with the finest materials at hand.

fabco – Written Heritage of all Ages in High Quality Reproductions.